Loyalty Cards



AYDD has a loyalty card system that rewards our regular alcohol customers. These cards only apply to alcohol deliveries. By law, the minimum we must charge for an alcohol delivery is $4.00+tax. To reward our customers, they are eligible to receive a $4 delivery charge every fourth delivery provided they use their loyalty card.

The loyalty contains 12 spaces on the back of the card for drivers to initial. When the customer presents the card to you, you shall initial the first available space and write the date ex “C.W. Dec 13”. Never sign a customer’s card more than once unless directed to by the dispatcher.  Whenever you initial a space that is a multiple of 4 (4,8 and 12) the customer pays $4+tax for delivery ($4.50). This discount is covered by AYDD and does not cost the driver anything. Upon initialing one of the discount slots on the card, you are to take a quick picture with your phone and send it to the dispatcher. This allows the dispatcher to account for the discounted delivery and helps to keep the customers honest.

When you sign the 12th slot, you are to keep the card and hand it in along with your regular paperwork.

Drivers are to keep a supply of unused new cards for new customers and to replace full cards. If you are low in supply, please let the dispatcher know immediately.


                                                                                Empty Returns


As part of our delivery service, we take back customer’s empty beer and liquor bottles.  We "buy" the empties from the customer at a discounted price. The value of the empties is deducted from the customers bill. the empties values are as follows:

Beer can/bottle/tallboy or cooler bottle/can/tallboy (less than 600ml):

less than 6: $0.00

6:   $0.50

12: $1.00

15: $1.00

18: $1.50

24: $2.00

30: $2.50

As you can see, we count in multiples of 6, with anything less than 6 not worth anything.

For Liquor bottles:

mickeys and "half mickeys" (less than 600 ml) 5 cents each  (worth 10 cents @ the beer store)

26ers(750ml) and bigger: 10 cents each  (worth 20 cents @ the beer store)